Kendall & Daniel Wilson

Professional Taxidermy Service

Who we are – We are a family business started in 2014 in Jacksonville, NC. Kendall is the full time professionally trained taxidermist and Daniel is an active duty Marine and the help around the shop.

Why we do what we do – We are both avid outdoors people with a deep-rooted love of nature and the animals around us. We love to hunt and harvest these animals both for the thrill of the adventure and for the meat that they provide. The act of preserving a trophy taken on a hunt, whether for ourselves or customers, provides a great deal of satisfaction to us. Replicating the natural beauty of a deer, bear, bobcat, or countless other creatures is our passion and calling.

Our promise to you – We love creating these pieces of art and promise that every ounce of artistic ability and experience goes into each mount that leaves our shop. We strive to make this the most customer-friendly experience you have ever had. We believe that communication is key and endeavor to make sure our customers are informed of the progress of their pieces.


Kendall at a show

Why you should choose K&D Taxidermy!

Kendall receives her ever continuing training from eight-time artisan award winner Steve Tugwell, 2016 and three-time World Champion for Whitetail Gene Smith and 2011 world champion for Whitetail Vincent Flemming. She is also a licensed taxidermist in North Carolina and both Kendall and Daniel have been board members of the North Carolina Taxidermist Association (NCTA) and have competed in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia state taxidermy competitions as well as the World Taxidermy Competition and the Big Rock National Taxidermy Championship.

-Exceptional customer service and communication that you will not find anywhere else in the industry.

-Local community business.

-Military and law enforcement friendly.

-Offer the full scope of taxidermy services.

-Free local delivery of large mounts. If it won’t fit inside your truck, let us deliver and set it up.

-Offer fully customizable options including form alterations, open mouth, parted lip, custom habitats and wood bases.