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    Specializing in Bear Mounts

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    Specializing in Deer Mounts

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    Award Winning Professional Taxidermist

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K&D Taxidermy is officially closed for the next year!

Thank you everyone who has trusted us with your trophy’s over the years. This isn’t the end it’s just see you later! God Bless!


Need to find a local Taxidermist?

K&D Taxidermy is a local New Bern, NC business that prides itself on quality mounts for a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of services specializing in bear and deer mounts. These services include black bear mounts, whitetail deer mounts, life size mounts, European mounts, bobcat mounts, small mammal mounts, turkey mounts, duck mounts, fur rugs, bear rugs, hide tanning services, and more.

When you need quality taxidermy service call K&D Taxidermy.
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K&D Taxidermy is a professional taxidermy service in New Bern, NC serving Eastern NC and Eastern Virginia




K&D Taxidermy is your professional taxidermy solution

Kendall Wilson of K&D Taxidermy provides expert services from immediately after your trophy is taken until the finished mount is proudly displayed in your home as a memorial to your hunting adventure. As an experienced taxidermist, I can assist customers with how to prepare your animal in the field and the selection of mounting options. I pride myself on my friendly and helpful customer service and will work with you to fit your budget. K&D Taxidermy has been competing at the professional level in local, state, and national taxidermy competitions since 2014 in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and at the National and World Taxidermy Shows. I use the latest and most advanced taxidermy techniques and equipment to produce distinctly superior mounts that will not deteriorate and will last a lifetime. Whether you are hunting in Eastern NC, Virginia, or anywhere else, K&D Taxidermy is ready to assist you in immortalizing your trophy!

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